THC Tip: Stoner’s Night – Date Night That Is…..

One of the biggest challenges I face when creating THC Tips on food is that my munchies get the best of me. I know that I need to get photos in good light, make sure the angles are on point, and possibly get a sexy cocktail shot too. But when a good strain is in my vein, all bets are off. As soon as my plate hits the table, my munchies consume my motor skills and before I know it my beautiful brunch plate has been devoured by the Martha the Munchie monster. Just to confirm – I’m Martha.


Forgive me, fam. I will do better. Or maybe I will just order an extra dish to munch on while I get content. That’s just how much of a greedy lil’ gremlin that I am.


O-Ku DC: 1274 5th Street NE


Strain in my vein: Pineapple 


This weekend, bae and I checked out Oku-DC in Union Market. I haven’t had sushi in a bit and I have walked by their discreet wooden door a few times not even realizing it was there.


The space is actually larger than I had imagined. We scored two seats at the open grill area in the back. I highly suggest this seating if it’s available. Stoned to the bone? Staring at the chefs prepare delicious meats and sushi right in front of you will have you mesmerized. I should mention that if you are someone that is indecisive about food selection, this may not be the best seat for you. Bae literally wanted everything on the menu after watching the chefs in awe for a few minutes. I had to talk him off the food coma ledge he was about to order himself on to.

This was a belated Valentine’s dinner for us, so we went H.A.M. We started with a few small plates – the Shiu Mai (steamed pork dumplings with prawns), seaweed salad, rockfish, and the cucumbers. We also grabbed a few sushi rolls because it seemed only right. We went with crunchy prawn and snow king rolls. Everything was delicious and our server was dope. I was jealous because bae ordered the crunchy prawn roll and it was my favorite item.


Munching on a minimum? I got you, fam. The seaweed salad, cucumbers, and rockfish will run you $22.00 pre-tip. If sushi is more your jam, the makimono rolls range from $9.00 to $17.00 bucks. We were too full to try any other sushi but O-ku has a cadre to choose from. There are even sashimi options for as low as $4.00.


Restaurants with small plates sometimes get a bad rep. I think that consumers sometimes associate the size of their meal with the price that they are paying. I love “sharing” sizes. Why order one or two dishes, when I can have six?!

Shiu Mai dumplings

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