Red is for indica, white is for hybrid, and pink is for sativa.

THC Tip: Cannabis Color Coding

I have really been trying to commit to vaping rather than smoking. I’m definitely a work in progress, but I’m trying y’all. I  genuinely enjoy smoking from time to time, but I definitely do not miss having to deal with the logistics of breaking down flowers and stuffing cones.


It was challenging for me to fully commit to vaping in the beginning because cartridges aren’t cheap, and I kind of am. Cartridges, just like flowers have really dank options that get the job done with only a few pulls, but also have pretty weak options that will still run you anywhere between $50-$70 a pop. So once I discovered a brand that satisfied my THC tolerance I stuck with it. I’m obsessed with the Phyto brand and their high-THC content products. Now that I have finally locked down a decent collection of cartridges, I’ve run into a bit of a piff problem.


Once I remove cartridges from their package, I completely forget what strain and/or species I’m vaping. My first hair-brained idea was a complete fail. I would place my cartridges around my apartment according to the time of day I would normally consume them. My indica cartridges were always by the bed or Xbox, sativas in the kitchen, and hybrids stayed in the stash box.  This strategy was all-good until I got carried away with my Saturday morning routine of vaping and gyrating to trap music while I clean my apartment and quickly lost track of what cartridge I was using.


My stoned stupor gave me an idea. I grabbed my OPI stash and dabbed pink polish on my Acapulco Gold cartridge to signify that it was a sativa.  Then I went ahead and found a color for every other cartridge that I had. Of course, you need to remember which color is for which species or strain, so you may want to text or email yourself a color key like I did. My rule of thumb is to stick to the same color scheme to eliminate confusion.


I realize that everyone may not own an absurd amount of polish as I do. Go to the dollar store and grab a few bottles of the cheap stuff if you don’t.  If you are a parent you can also borrow a few of your kids watercolor paints too. Just make sure they aren’t around – describing this arts n’ craft project could be a little awkward.

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