THC Tip: Weed or Wine? A holiday guide on gifting cannabis

It’s pretty common for cannabis enthusiasts to use a wine comparison when describing the versatility of cannabis. This comparison is valid. Like wine, cannabis consumption involves so much depth and variety. Flavor, smells, mood, and even medicinal purpose are just a few considerations that have to be taken to make the best selection.


The holiday season is upon us, and my inbox is already full of Friendsgiving and holiday soirees. Like most, I used to grab a bottle of wine when I needed to bring something to a gathering. I’ve never been a wine connoisseur, but I know enough to be impressive without spending too much. There is always that random instance when you don’t know the host very well, you are running late and you want to be polite, but you also don’t care enough to spend too much on a bottle.


Now that cannabis is legal where I reside, I often gift cannabis if I am certain that my host gets down with the get down. Gifting cannabis is easy for me, and I genuinely enjoy it. But what about when the roles are reversed? What if you are going to the function of someone that doesn’t drink but loves cannabis and you know nothing about it? Of course, you can always opt for a gift other than weed or wine – I will never turn down a free treat of any kind. However, if you would like to give something that you know your host or hostess will enjoy rather than a worthless knick-knack, I’ve got a few guidelines to help you out. The tips below may make a trip to the dispensary to cop the perfect gift a bit less overwhelming.


1. Know your host or hostess. Us stoners can be complex. Is he or she a casual smoker, or an all-day, everyday type?


If they are the former, tell your budtender that you just need a few sativas or hybrids that supply energy. Going for a lighter strain vs. an indica is usually best. Occasional consumers have lower tolerances, so no need to purchase a strain that packs a lot of punch.


If they are the latter, grab a moon stick. Moonsticks are typically a joint rolled in kief, with a swirl of wax on top. There are different variations of moon sticks, but a veteran smoker will be grateful for this hard-hitting doobie regardless of the layering. They are usually about $20-$25 a pop. Grab one and stick it in a card – it’s an easy and memorable option.


2. Form. Flower is usually the cheapest form of cannabis, but obviously, it emits a smell. This is why tip #1 is so clutch. Parents don’t have as much flexibility when it comes to consumption so grab a tincture or oil.


Living environment can also be a factor when cannabis gifting. Renters are often prohibited from smoking in their unit, even if they live in a legal state. I try to avoid giving edibles as gifts because dosing can get tricky, but if the person is knowledgeable then go for it.


You can never go wrong with THC or CBD bath salts. Seriously.


3. Accessories. If a plant purchase is too stressful, consider a smoking accessory like a cute lil’ pipe, bong or vape pen. 24 karat gold rolling papers are one of my go-to holiday gifts. They aren’t expensive, look cool on the ‘gram, and people love them.

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